About BARF Singapore

BARF Singapore is a new company that was incorporated in July 2007. Our core business is to distribute Dr B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. BARF Diet in Singapore. Why this business or this particular product ? The simple answer is that as animal lovers, we wholeheartedly identify with Dr Billinghurst’s mission of providing a healthy alternative to processed grain-based pet food and the potential dangers they pose to our pets’ health. Like the good doctor, we hope to improve the lives of pet animals and the lives of their owners as a result. We know that we can't change the world but we can certainly try our best ! 


It is our dearest hope that the availability and convenience of Dr B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. will encourage more Singaporeans to convert their pets to a truly healthier form of nutrition. The kind of nutrition that will allow their pets to lead happier and longer lives. Doing our part, we are pricing our food more affordably in order to reach out to more pet owners, whilst still keeping this business sustainable.  


There are literally thousands of pet dogs and cats in Singapore who are suffering every day from health ailments, due to being fed inappropriate diets. These ailments range from common ones like skin allergies, dental problems to degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, heart, kidney and bladder problems, auto-immune diseases like arthritis, orthopaedic conditions like Hip & Elbow Dyplasia … the list goes on! 



“Just thought I'd send a quick update on how my EPI kelpie is doing on your kangaroo patties - they are FANTASTIC! She has been on them for over a week now, and …….”  (See our latest client testimonial)


We believe that Singaporean pet owners have heard about the B.A.R.F. diet and while many can understand the sound reasoning behind this diet’s health-promoting benefits, some are put off by the effort and knowledge required to construct a proper B.A.R.F. diet. As a busy Singaporean myself, I can fully understand the amount of effort and time this entails.  


That’s why when I first heard about Dr B’s products late last year, I felt that it was truly a god-send and THE perfect solution for my desire to feed a B.A.R.F. diet. To me, it is a product developed and backed by the vet who’s basically responsible for introducing the concept of B.A.R.F. worldwide. We're talking about somebody who’s spent the last 30+ years of his life caring for companion animals, studying and practising how to improve the health of these animals through diet. 



What impresses me most about Dr Billinghurst is that he is doing all this because of his genuine care for the health of dogs and cats. If you doubt this, please note that Dr Billinghurst has been a practising veterinary surgeon since the 80’s. His substantial efforts in ridding pet dogs and cats of diet-related illnesses can only impact his clinic’s earnings adversely. If making money was his primary objective, he would have been much better off concentrating on his vet practice. After all, we all know how much vet fees do cost, don’t we? 

 Dr B & George

Dr. Billinghurst spending some quality time with George and his favourite ball



Instead, he has spent a substantial part of the last 20 odd years researching about this subject, questioning his patients, conducting feeding trials, writing his 3 books, writing articles about animal health and their relation to diet, conducting talks and seminars in many countries ….. all in an effort to educate people about achieving better health for their dogs and cats, through feeding an appropriate diet.  


So, is the B.A.R.F. philosophy something new and unproven? The answer is an unequivocal NO!! B.A.R.F. has been around for centuries and our dogs and cats have evolved very successfully from it. It is the healthy, safe and nutritious way to feed our pets. B.A.R.F. mimics the way that pet animals have eaten in their long evolution and their digestive systems are designed for it. That’s why we sometimes prefer to call it the Evolutionary Diet. In short, this is the way that they used to eat before all these highly processed, grain-based junk pet food were introduced into their food chain. 


While manufacturers of modern grain-based processed pet food will tell you that raw food may not be safe and lack scientific testing, please note that there has been zero peer-reviewed research conducted to evaluate the Evolutionary paradigm vs artificial cooked and processed food. 



It has to be understood that to conduct such research involves enormous sums of money. The only people with the funds to support such feeding trials are the huge multinationals that produce the cooked and processed pet foods. Clearly, they will never fund research that would make a fair comparison of the two vastly different methods of feeding. Such research would invalidate their products - so is unlikely ever to be conducted until such times as raw foods or a raw food company develops sufficient political and financial clout. 


Lack of research not withstanding, you only need to look at the excellent health records of pets fed on this Evolutionary Diet. This has created a pet food revolution with professional breeders and pet owners worldwide. These people have reported vast improvements in the physical looks of their pets, improved zest for life, energy levels and temperaments and most significantly, the lack of need to visit the vet other than the annual check-ups. I should know, I’m also one of those people and have the same testimonies from friends who are also feeding their pets B.A.R.F.


Go Ahead and Try our Evolutionary Diet ………. it may be the Best Decision that you’ll ever make for your precious pets' lives !



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