Pets on BARF

This section features some healthy pets that have thrived on BARF diets. We're pleased to say that we now also have another page featuring photos of local pets who have done very well on Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W.  …… submitted by their satisfied owners (Click Here)






For those clients who have asked or are curious, these are pictures of Dazzle - the cheeky little rascal who's been living with me since he was 5 months old. He's been fully on Dr B's patties since then, without any supplements whatsoever. As you can see from these pics, he's developed into a healthy boy with quite a glorious coat to show.


4 months old @ Sembawang Quarantine

1st Day

1st Day @ my place 



Strutting around with his 'prized kill'

Lounging on his bed

Showing off his glorious coat for the camera 

1st B'day

On his 1st b'day @ the Botanical Gardens 


Posing for the judges @ a recent show 


This is his "rascal-in-an-angel" look



Max - Peter's 2 yr old GSD in Australia. He thrives on a diet of Dr B's and raw meaty bones 





Ellie - Dr. B's pet JRT-X. She lived till

she was 17 and here she is enjoying a

raw meaty bone when she was 16.


 raw fed Goldies

2nd to 4th generation raw fed Goldies (Australia)

 jojo   Jojo

Jojo - my daughter's 5 yr old Shih Tzu. He used to have regular skin rashesrong>when he was on kibbles and had to go the vet for jabs. Since switching him to Dr B's BARF patties, his rashes have gone away and his coat has become much glossier, amongst other improvements. He doesn't have any fave Dr B's recipe ...... he just loves them ALL ! But then again, we think that he's actually a little piggy disguised as a dog.



nemo   Nemo 


These are pictures of Nemo (Max the GSD’s housemate in Australia). He is a 1.5 yr old Exotic and he’s just sooooooo cute! Tried to kidnap him back to Singapore but …… heh heh. Seriously though, his favourite food is Dr B’s Turkey recipe. span>



 Kitty   Kitty

Kitty - A Persian and Nemo's 'big sis' (in terms of ranking at home). She's also on Dr B's cat patties and has a glorious coat to show for it too.


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