Manufacturing & Product Quality

Manufacturing & Product Quality


Our patties are manufactured in an approved HACCP-certified pet food manufacturing facility under Queensland law. It is registered by the body Safe Food Queensland(SFQ) a government body which regulates and registers all food producing facilities(for humans and animals) in Queensland. SFQ works closely with other government authorities like Queensland Health, Dept of Primary Industries & Fisheries and Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services(AQIS). Please note that these patties are also approved by our own AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) for sale in Singapore, having complied with all their various import requirements.


SFQ’s food safety programs also ensure that strict quality control measures and hygiene practices are adhered to. Besides distribution throughout Australia, this facility has been exporting to Japan for five years - passing all the strict specifications which apply for the importation of food products into Japan.


“Just thought I'd send a quick update on how my EPI kelpie is doing on your kangaroo patties - they are FANTASTIC! She has been on them for over a week now, and …….”  (See our latest client testimonial)


We pride ourselves on producing food under the strictest of hygiene conditions, with temperature control (lowest possible - - to prevent the growth of bacteria - consistent with keeping the product in a form that can be moulded into the desired shape) being a vital factor.


All meat products are sourced from human manufacturing/fit for human consumption facilities/sources. Not necessarily organic or free range but hormone free and most definitely not 4D. The biggest factor is keeping costs down to a realistic figure whilst producing a high quality product.


The vegetables and fruits used in our patties are time sensitive ingredients and are processed at peak quality to ensure that their nutritional contribution to the diet is maintained. Sourcing of these ingredients and combining them with our proteins requires strict management and inspection controls during several steps in our production process.


We know that if the freshest ingredients are not processed in a timely manner their enzymatic benefits will be lost. We therefore begin with the fresh quality ingredients and also follow production procedures that are time sensitive to achieve our world-class diets.


Our products were developed following years of study and research by Dr Billinghurst, the veterinarian who introduced the world to Evolutionary Diet (BARF) for our pets.


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