Product Overview

Product Overview


Dr B’s Genuine Aussie Raw Multi-Mix BARF Patties were first launched in late 2002 - in response to market demand for an easier and more convenient means to feed a well-constructed BARF diet. At the same time, it has served to encourage many more pet owners to convert to BARF due to their convenience and ease of use.



These patties are proudly manufactured in Australia - a country where it’s illegal to inject growth hormones into animals and safe health practices on vegetable and fruit produce are strictly enforced by the government authorities.


We cannot stress enough on the importance of these facts as Australia is indeed a country with an enviable international track record of producing and exporting food that is safe for consumption. This is reassuring especially when you consider the numerous pet food recalls over the last few years. The huge numbers of pets that died or fell sick were just so unnecessary.

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“Just thought I'd send a quick update on how my EPI kelpie is doing on your kangaroo patties - they are FANTASTIC! She has been on them for over a week now, and …….”/span>  (See our latest client testimonial)




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There are 7 nutritious recipes, developed by Dr Billinghurst after years of study and research, to choose from. This ensures that your precious dog can be fed a variety of different proteins for optimum health i.e. allows you to easily rotate the protein sources for your dog to ensure optimum health.


Fresh human-grade quality ingredients are used in all our products and are guaranteed wholesome by processing and freezing at optimum temperatures.


Meat, bones and offal are from growth hormone-free animals that are 100% bred and grown in Australia

Vegetable and fruit produce are sourced only from Australian farms. 


What’s so good about Dr B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. patties ?

a)      Very convenient - Saves you the trouble of doing the marketing, preparation, balancing

     the various nutrients, etc.

b)      Proteins are from animal sources and not grains.

c)       All nutrients are organic and fully digestible i.e. derived mainly from animal sources

      and NOT chemically manufactured.

d)      Save on supplementation as each recipe contains the essential nutrients in the required


e)      Contains live enzymes and natural anti-oxidants that are vital to the good health of your

      pet but yet, can never be available in processed pet food.




Even though these patties do not contain the kind of soluble carbohydrates and calcium (abundant in processed & cooked pet food) that contribute immensely to formation of teeth tartar, they may be combined/alternated with feeding raw meaty bones like chicken wings. Raw meaty bones will provide important exercise for your pet's jaws, teeth, gums, bodies and physiological well-being.



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