Seminar on BARF

Exclusive !!  1st & Only Time in Singapore !!


Seminar on BARF by Dr Ian Billinghurst





25th October, 2008(Saturday)


1.30 PM - 5.30 PM


auditorium, prince george's park residences(nUS), 27 prince george's park, s 118425




 Dr B & Maggie

Dr Ian Billinghurst - vet who originated the BARF (Evolutionary Nutrition) feeding program worldwide de 

Listen and learn from a world-renowned authority on companion animal nutrition and author of best-selling book, “Give Your Dog A Bone” and from the vet who is widely acknowledged as the 'founder' of BARF - Dr Ian Billinghurst.

Back in 1993, Dr B basically pioneered the worldwide BARF feeding program with his 1st book. This book heralded the start of substantial health improvements in literally thousands of pets around the world. Today, he continues to educate vets, breeders and owners about this form of nutrition. For this seminar, Dr B will :


a)     Introduce and share with you about the nuts & bolts of BARF 

      (Evolutionary Nutrition);  

b)     Detail why it works so well on our furry companions;   

c)     The inherent problems with modern processed pet foods; 

d)     Dog specifics and cat specifics;  

e)     Conduct a Q & A Session  

f)       Talk about how to modify basic BARF diet for certain disease conditions

      (if time permits).



For people who love & care for their furry companions and would like :
* more detailed information on the kind of nutrition our pets actually
  require for supreme health & wellness and to lead longer lives ;
* accurate info delivered from "the horse's mouth" rather than reading thru
  all sorts of books and surfing the net ;


* a chance to get answers to specific questions on canine nutrition and 

   its co-relation to canine health and diseases ;

  This Is The Seminar for You !! 
Don’t Miss Out On This Rare Opportunity !!

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Limited Seats Available !


Seminar venue  : State-of-the-Art Auditorium at PGPRPR

Photos from the Seminar


Dr Billinghurst addressing the audience on evolutionary nutritionon


 Time for autographs and more questions after his talk

Dr B @ SVA Conferencece

Dr Billinghurst was honoured to be invited to speak about evolutionary nutrition at our very own Singapore Veterinary Association's Annual Conference. The event was held at Singapore Polytechnic Graduate GuildHouse from 24th - 26th Oct 2008.   

He presented on why evolutionary nutrition is a viable alternative diet, about processed pet food being a major contributor of degenerative disease problems such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, allergic skin problems, cancer, etc. and the principles of how the evolutionary programme of nutrition can be used as both a preventative and therapeutic regime to treat a variety of disease conditions. For the latter, he also provided examples of how the evolutionary programme of nutrition can be modified into appropriate prescription diets.


SVA Conference

 Dr Billinghurst presenting to the veterinary audience about BARF

 SVA Conference

Addressing questions from the floor during his talks talk



How to get there :



Location Map  :  Click Here for electronic map of NUS (pls select Prince George’s

                            Park Residences from drop-down list in Residences box on bottom

                            left corner of that page, for detailed location of venue)


By Car :  * Turn into Kent Ridge Rd from South Buona Vista Rd


                 * Turn left into Prince George’s Park Rd (1st left turn)


                 * Public Parking is available in the basement of Prince George’s Park


                    Residences itself (max. charge of $2.40 – via CashCard)


By Bus :  * Take SBS Service 92, 200 or 95 from Buona Vista MRT station (from bus


                    stop on North Buona Vista Rd opposite MRT station)





SBS Service 92 & 200 -  


* Alight at 1st bus stop on South Buona Vista Rd (after Buona Vista Flyover and

  just before Science Park Drive)


* Take NUS Shuttle service A2 (from same bus stop) for a 2-min ride to terminal at Prince 

   George's Park Residences


SBS Service 95 -


* Alight along Lower Kent Ridge Rd (near NUH)


* Take NUS Shuttle bus services A1 or A2 (free-of-charge)


* Both services will finish their routes at the terminal which is just outside Prince

  George's Park Residences.