Client Testimonials

As these products are new in Singapore, it’s understandable that we do not have any local testimonials …… as yet. However, we strongly believe in the wholesome goodness and health-promoting benefits of Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. patties. In time to come, we look forward to being able to publish testimony from local pet owners. Sincere caring pet lovers who want to share the benefits they experience with BARF and about how it has improved the quality of their pets' lives and consequently, their own lives too. Hopefully, this will encourage more pet owners to switch to BARF - a much healthier form of nutrition that Mother Nature had originally designed for our beloved dogs & cats. 


In the meantime, please have a look at some of the messages of appreciation that Dr. Billinghurst has received from grateful clients from different parts of the world :  






Dear Ian,

Just thought I'd send a quick update on how my EPI kelpie is doing on your kangaroo patties - they are FANTASTIC! She has been on them for over a week now, and I had expected her to have some difficulty adjusting, but she loved the food straight away and from the very first meal there was a huge improvement in her stools.  In the year and a half that I've had her on the prescription dry food she has always produced very large, loose, foul-smelling yellow stools (which often seemed to cause her discomfort when she passed them), and diarrhea at least once a week.   

Since last Saturday everyone has been small, perfectly formed, and passed easily.
Basically exactly what you would expect from a normal very healthy dog. She also had colic and very bad flatulence (we could hear her stomach making noise all the time) and this has also completely disappeared.  I was very excited about changing her diet, but I didn't imagine that the improvement would be so quick or so dramatic. I have asked my vets repeatedly about the possibility that her dry food might be contributing to her digestive problems, but have been told categorically every time that it is the best and safest thing for her, and then been prescribed countless courses of antibiotics to deal with the constant diarrhea. At the last visit I was told that she would probably have to go on a long-term course of cortisone if she didn't improve soon.  I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I wish I'd written to you a year ago - I think my dog would have been saved a lot of discomfort, and I would have been saved a lot of anxiety (and money!)

Thank you so much for your advice, and for your detailed instructions on how to feed the patties with the enzymes - the only difficulty is that she loves the food so much she doesn't want to wait 20 minutes for the enzymes to start working. The EPI has been such a problem, and this is the first time that I've felt as if it's going to be really manageable long-term.

I've now convinced several of my friends to try their dogs on the patties, and they were all similarly impressed. Thanks again, and congratulations on all your wonderful work!

Very best wishes,

Best wishes,
Angela (Melbourne, Australia)

P.S. Having re-read this I realize it seems a little odd to be so excited about my dogs stools, but the transformation has been so amazing I can't help it - sorry! (Note : EPI = Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)



"Just wanted to let you know that Spanky (15+) passed away with us at his side at the DVM's office...He had been on (your) diet for most of the past 5 years. He did very well on this diet and our doctor commented, ‘This little dog lived far longer than I ever thought!' Thanks to Dr. Billinghurst who contributed to his well being."

—Eve L & Three Lhasas, Brampton, Ontario, Canada



"You've probably heard this before but I was so impressed, finger to keyboard to be performed. I have recently purchased Give Your Dog A Bone. The reason is due to my obese corgi...To cut a long story short, said dog put on a diet of 1 raw chicken wing a day.  Imagine, shock horror, we do not feed raw bones to our dogs in Merrie England and isn't one chicken wing/day a tad severe? Well, two months on the corgi now resembles a dog again, has an interest in life, walkies, barking at the postman and most important of all can lick her fanny and bottom again. Needless to say when I acquired a rescue greyhound he was immediately put on the raw diet.  

MS & Pups 
 His FAD has cleared up beautifully and he started passing respectable bowel movements instead of pancake mix. It has not cured him of chasing cats but then so what, why take an interest out of his life?"

—Hilary E., London, UK 


"You certainly have my permission to use my story to help any dog owners to see what a wonderful difference [your nutrition] can make. My old dog is not the only one as I have owned a few working dogs. They are all in top shape to perform and they go from strength, fuelled the natural way as nature intended. Many thanks to you."

-John B.


"Several weeks ago I received advice from you about the most effective supplements to support my six-year-old dog, Skye, who has some mild wear and tear in the left stifle. You commented at the time that the symptoms sounded like a partial tear of the cranial cruciate ligament even through the examination and xray, under sedation, did not show this as a problem. Thank you for your advice regarding the supplements. I remain grateful for your enlightened approach to the maximum well being of dogs."

—Mary Anna H., Sydney, NSW, Australia


"You cared for my Rottie, Schultz. Schultz lived to be almost 15 before he died of a tumor.  I always credited his long life to your Give A Dog A Bone diet. His coat was like black velvet to the end, and never repeated of those early skin problems he showed as a pup. My sincere thanks and congratulations on your success."

—Peter H., Portland, NSW, Australia



Friends Help each Other

 Friends Help Each Other - 2 BARF-fed dogs

 "In September 2002 I brought home an 8 week old chocolate and tan miniature pinscher puppy, that I named Diesel. His breeder said he was the smallest of the litter and was going to stay that way because he did not eat. I did not think she was right about the size he would grow into, because his legs had substance. He ate enough to survive but not to thrive.

"That applied to the tinned and dry complete food and breeder gave me and stuff I bought to see if a different food would interest him. I had two other dogs at the same time on your diet ...and Diesel was immediately started on BARF and never looked back.

He did not worry me though, the first time he was given a whole chicken wing, he just crunched three times along the length of it and proceeded to swallow it whole I watched horrified, ready to ring the vet. But he just ‘smiled' and look for more.


"Now, an adult and a leader of the pack, he does not need to bolt his food. He's grown into a handsome very active mentally and physically, loved agility and obedience training.


"I wonder, what he would have been like, had I not known about BARF. I will carry on feeding BARF hopefully as long as I have dogs! Thanks for BARF and your kindness."



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