Testimonials - Singapore

BARF Singapore is very proud to publish these testimonials from some of our happy & very satisfied clients.


We would especially like to express our sincere thanks to them for sharing with fellow dog owners on their positive experience and the benefits that they’ve achieved for their precious furry companions – by simply feeding Dr B’s BARF patties.



We hope that with these true-life experiences can serve to encourage and reassure pet owners here that BARF is :

a) perfectly natural food for our furry companions and doesn't harm them at all

b) will provide them with 1st Class nutrition that leads to Healthier & Happier lives

c) and as a result, will likely to prolong their time with us.






"Staying lean is important for breeds like Dachshunds which are prone to IVDD. We are able to achieve this after we started feeding Dr.B’s Barf to our furkids.

Examined and certified by a qualified vet at AAVC, DoDo our smooth-haired Dachshund, although looking *thin*, has a thick layer of fats required of dogs! Her skin problems has recovered 90% and no longer being fussy at her food.



Dodo & Momo

A day @ the studio

DoDo has been feeding on BARF for the past 6 months.
Upon seeing the amazing effect of BARF on DoDo, we started our 2nd Dachshund MoMo (Long-haired) on Dr. B’s Barf when she was only 3 months old! She gained the correct weight, coat color darkened, clean and white teeth and no bad breath!




Comparing to DIY barf, we don't have to worry about protein/fibre ratio and the potential danger caused by DIY barf. Dr.B’s BARF recipes are pre mixed & bones are grinded to bite size! This is perfect for busy working professionals like us!!

As quoted in our review in SPC forum. "Seeing is Believing"! We just wanted the best for our furkids!! 


Brian & Serene, Yishun







"Dear BARFsingapore (Alfred),  


Me and my miniature schnauzer, Wrath, would like to thank you very much for offering a SUPERIOR product in Singapore.  

When I first bought Wrath, he was diagnosed with seborrhea by the vet and prescribed a weekly very strong medicated shampoo for his flakes and itchies.Exterior topical medication did little to soothe his itch and discomfort, so I decided I would solve the problem through diet. I tried every super premium dry dog food on this planet, with little to no change in his allergy levels. In pure desperation, I decided to put him on a raw food diet. 
Needless to say, his skin improved tremendously, no more flakes, no more itch. What truly makes BARFsingapore outstanding is EVERYTHING. I used to feed Wrath a different brand of raw nuggets, this brand was hard to find, tiny amounts and very very very prohibitively expensive, not to mention, extremely deep frozen. 

Michelle & Wrath

Michelle & her precious Wrath 

To those who are reading this, I can tell you that BARFsingapore is different.Their patties are HUGE, juicy bloody red raw not like my previous brand's greyish nuggets.Their prices are extremely AFFORDABLE, the range and variety is awesome (kangaroo, rabbit, beef etc). 

Their service is A+, Alfred delivers to you himself and stock is always FRESH.

 The result is nothing short of AWESOME, my chronically slim dog has managed to gain and maintain a very healthy weight on BARF rabbit patties, he has a lot more energy on these patties compared to the previous raw nuggets. 



Honestly, after seeing the difference in Wrath's coat, skin, behaviour and energy levels. I, myself, am envious that humans don't have ready made pre-packed, biologically prepared meals:) Please try this product, it is a VERY SUPERIOR pet food and even my Vet wanted to know what I was feeding Wrath, during his yearly checkups, he has a clean bill of health, no more seborrhea, very good teeth and gums.



Thank you BARFsingapore,


Michelle & Wrath, Bukit Panjang 


 I switched my pooches from kibbles & canned food to BARF in June 2008. Like all other dog owners, I was skeptical initially as I was worried about them taking BARF for the first time & whether they will take to the taste of it. I had many problems feeding them kibbles especially as I found them not to be eating many times, sometimes to the extent of hand feeding them. And this continued despite having changed kibbles brand at least 4 times.

To my surprise, both of them love BARF & chomps it up in less than 30 seconds. Their poo has also 'improved' significantly - from massive & superbly smelly & wet stools to become less poo, no odour & the texture is hard, so easy to clean up!

I do also notice a significant improvement in my boy's skin - as a MS, he is very prone to schnauzer bumps but the frequency & amount of these bumps have significantly reduced.  And with such a knowledgeable owner like Alfred (he's like a walking food encyclopedia) who is ever so willing to share extra tips & information on nutrition & BARF, this definitely helps to put our minds at ease when switching our dogs to BARF diet.



Regina, Hougang


Coffee & Baubles

Baubles(front) & Coffee

on a sunny day outing