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" My dogs loves BARF absolutely~!They normally finishes up the raw fresh meat, usually Lamb & Beef - in less than 30 seconds! They enjoy their meals & always look forward to the next one.Their skin improved, stools were solid hard & less smelly too, seeing is believing! Their weights have also been healthily maintained at approx. 6.5Kg for Emma & 7.5Kg for Ebi. Thumbs up!! " 

Serene, Bedok


Ebi & Emma 

Emma(left) & Ebi



Note : The following testimonial is a remarkable true story of the love of an owner for his dog and what they've gone thru. Many people would have given up on a dog with such a bad health condition. It would have been easier for them to say that “it’s better for the dog, put it out of its misery and pain, blah blah …” 


But, due to the unwavering love, will & perseverance on the part of his owners (something that we can all admire), Shane now has the opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life … which every dog deserves !  


This case also highlights that feeding an appropriate staple diet like BARF is very important and can do wonders, even in seemingly hopeless situations. On the other hand, it also highlights that feeding our pets daily with foods that are difficult/impossible for them to digest, can lead to terrible health conditions like this and cause them lots of pain & grief.



Last but not least, it is true accounts like this and others, that provide the encouragement and vindication for us @ BARF Singapore that we can indeed achieve our vision of a win-win situation for our dogs here and this business.   Please Read On :



"Westie for Adoption" that's how we found Shane on the web. After watching the show Must Love Dogs, I fell in love with Westies ever since. However, Shane was very different from those I've seen on TV. Barely 2 years old, he was unfortunately plagued with skin abnormalities. I used the word "abnormalities" as his condition was beyond what many pet owners could ever imagine. 

His condition was classified as Yeast Infection: 

1. Thick black scaly skin. Doctors call it Elephant Skin.

2. Sparse coat.

3. Bare patches chewed raw.

4. Intense yeasty smell. Yes, I mean Intense.       

5. Thick yellowish discharge from his eyes.

Past treatments includes:
1. Vegetarian kibbles diet as prescribe by vet. I had a very difficult time feeding this as it is simply"vegetarian".
Verdict: If I am not vegetarian, I don't think Shane is.

2. Laser treatment. A little too "Space-Age" for my liking but when faced with a desperate situation, why not?
Verdict: Let's stick to Lasik.

3. Medications tried include: Ketazonale, Chloropheniramine, Probiotics, Steriods and more.
Verdict: They worked but only for a short while and condition usually return with vengeance.

4. Anti-fungal shampoo.
Verdict: Only helped to ease his pain temporarily. 

Before 1

"Before" pics showing poor Shane

suffering from his terrible yeast infection

(6 mths ago)

Before 2 



To give everyone a better visual of how his condition looked like, please refer to the "Before Images" above. Alfred mentioned that I can post my favorite images of Shane but I chose those which can truly reflect the seriousness of his condition and they are definitely not eye pleasing.

After visiting countless (expensive) vets, sleepless nights when he screams at the top of voice after chewing on a new wound, I decided to take things into my own hands. I STOPPED feeding him medications as they are obviously not working. Like many others, the norm was to feed our pets the little donuts, baked to perfection, loaded with vital vitamins, coated with probiotics, containing only human grade quality protein i.e. Kibbles! Again, like many others, I've never questioned what kibbles can't do to contribute to our pet's well being. This all ended when I started reading up on the cause of Yeast Infection. 


I always had  the idea that Yeast Infection came from an external source. No doctors have ever mentioned that it's due to poor diet contributing to a digestive system going haywire! (If yes, why vegetarian? Not to even mention kibbles.) Yeast bacteria will not cause any problems in healthy digestives as their levels are regulated automatically. So what contributes to bad digestion? Bad food! Just like us, we get indigestion when we over eat or ate the wrong stuff. This immediately drew my attention to Shane's stools which are always soft and his farting problem which is a sign of bad digestion.    


I stumbled across a website preaching the feeding of raw diet to dogs and that's how I decided to give it a try. Alfred was glad to explain the possible changes I will notice once switching to barf. The next day, I was shocked to see that his stools were nice and firm (I was so excited I even took a picture of his poo and send it to Alfred!) Since then, there was no turning back. His skin started to turn less greasy and flakes disappear. His intense stench stopped as well. Even his murky eyes cleared before I could bring him to the vet for eye drops!   


Now I am happy to post these "After" images of Shane :)

Shane's road to recovery was a rough one and I hope to share his story with all. This could not have been possible without Dr B's patties (sounds like Ramly Burger). YUMMY!

You are what you eat. Likewise for our dogs.


Derrick & Joel, Chai Chee 

After 1

"After" pics showing Shane in much better

health and well on the road to recovery. 

After 2        After 3




Dear Dr B and Uncle Alfred,



A big thank you for the delicious and nutritious food that you've recommended! I have fully recvoered from my Kidney condition - no more aweful KD Diet and mummy's boring HCF! 



I just simply love the taste of BARF - tell you a secret .... I "self-converted" to a BARF eater coz I "snatched my pal's food from her - so instead of taking my horrible KD Diet... I took BARF - and it’s just too good to resist! 



Mummy did a lot of reading and checking before she dare to change my diet - but I "proved" to her that I can take it, and tada .... after a month of roo and pork BARF - Vet announced that I have fully recovered from the kidney condition! Hurray! Oh... my fur condition has also improved very much - I think diet also plays a part too.... 



Now, I am going to ask mummy to let me try other meats too... but must have roo... coz thats my favourite! Grandma and all my aunties said, they've never see me eating soo happily when I was on HCF and KD Diet (coz they taste aweful ma... heee) 



Muack Muack Muack ... thank you so much! 



Uncle Alfred.... we should see you soon with more food food food for me! 



Thank you!



From Bella with little paw print


Bella in all her splendour