Testimonials - Singapore


Dear Alfred,
I have attached Wawa's photos since she was a puppy.
I got her from a puppy mill when she was about 4 months old. She looked like any normal puppy and the vet did detect any problems with her. I changed her food to a premium kibbles, got her a whole range of supplements, salmon oil etc and put her on revolution.

 Wawa - Pup

Wawa as an adorable fluffy Poodle pup

I noticed she had a bit of sparse coat. I had naturally assumed she is changing to an adult coat and its normal. To my horror, I noticed she seems to be "balding". Its even more obvious after her 1st grooming.

Problem I 
After several visits to three different vets, no problem was detected. A skin scrap was done, no mites to be found. I did everything I can find on the internet, creams and medication did not help at all. The problem just got worse.  Problem II

I read about the barf diet on the internet and decided to give it a try. Alfred was helpful and very friendly. And did his best to answer all my ignorant questions. Delivery was prompt and the food arrived in clean, easy to use, individual packaging. The red, gooey, bloody mixture was gross in my opinion. I have to admit I did have 2nd thoughts about the diet when I first opened it.
Wawa LOVES the food. Even my younger puppy LeLe who is a fussy eater, gobbled everything without any 2nd thoughts. They used to like mealtimes but I have never seen them so excited before. They will even try to drag me to the kitchen by my clothing during mealtimes. They used to eat to survive, now they are surviving to eat. "Dinner Time" serves as a better command than "come".



  During the first week of feeding, the first things I noticed was the stools are of a very small amount. Its firm and not hard. And the "doggy smell" is gone. Even my mother ask what did I do to get rid of the doggy smell when she comes to visit.
Wawa fur is still not as fluffy as some poodles. But its already an great improvement compared to her bald spots earlier. Her "dirty ears" problem has dissappeared. I had earlier suspected her of an ear infection. Everytime I clean her ears, there will be a dark brown discharge. I brought her to the vet. The vet says some dogs just have dirty ears. He doesnt see any infection at all.


Wawa in much-improved condition


Both my dogs are now happy, active and no more scratching. I am really glad I made the decision to change to the barf diet. Thank you, Alfred.

Simone, Rivervale Street

 Wawa & Lele

Two sweeties